If you come from Girona, you should follow C-66 road to Banyoles and then to Olot on the A-26 (Pyrenaean Axis). From Olot you should take C-26 to the Vall de Bianya and through Collabós tunnel until this road links with C-38 to Camprodon.

Once you arrive in Setcases you should follow the indications to Vallter 2000 Ski Resort (12 kmts uphill). You will find a “Refugi d’Ulldeter” sign on the roadside once you have passed the first car park of the ski resort , when you reach there you can already park your car, you do not have to arrive to the main car park of Vallter 2000 Ski Resort. There is a mountain path starting on a road curve where you will find a sign indicating the direction to the mountain shelter It takes around 20 minutes to reach the mountain shelter from this point and for that you must follow always the GR 11 footpath.

Public transport it’s another option. There is a bus company called Teisa that will take you to Setcases. You can get to Ripoll by train from Vic. For additional information you can visit the following websites: