Ulldeter shelter is located in a privileged place to tackle the ascent of numerous peaks and mountains.

  • Bastiments 2.881 m. (1h 45min.)
    It is the most emblematic peak of Ulldeter’s circus, and probably the busiest. Views over the Canigo, the Cerdanya and the Freser Valley.
  • Gra de Fajol 2.708 m. (1h 10min.)
    An unavoidable summit from Ulldeter, both for its proximity and for its beauty. It is possible to climb up to the Gra de Fajol Petit, and descend to the refuge through the Isard pass. Very good views over the circus of Ulldeter.
  • Puig de Pastuira.2685m. (2h 10min.)
    Beautiful and simple excursion almost without difficulty. Good views towards Cerdanya.
  • Balandrau.2585m. (4h)
    A distant summit but highly recommended if done linking it with Puig de Pastuira.
  • Pic de la Dona.2702m. (2h 10min.)
    A classic of the area, very simple, but beautiful and with very good views over the massif of Canigó.
  • Costabona.2465m. (4h)
    Long but very pleasant hike both for its scenery and quietness.
  • Puig dels Lladres.2365m. (45min.)
    Short excursion to spend some time near the refuge and get a different view of Ulldeter’s circus.
  • Pic del Freser.2835m. (2h 30min.)
    More alpine ascent due to the ridges we have to face. More demanding itinerary with much more atmosphere. Totally recommendable if you are a little fit.
  • Pic del Infern.2869m. (3h)
    A relaxing excursion to the Tirapits hut which combines with the ridges of one of the most beautiful peaks in the area. Very good views over the circus of Carança. It can also be reached from the Freser peak.
  • Bacivers.2845m. (3h)
    Nice ascent through the Coll de la Geganta that allows us to enjoy the Estany de Bacivers and magnificent views.

In addition, the refuge is an obligatory passage in the GR-11 route (Transpirenaica), and the H.R.P. (Pyrennees High Route).

It is also highly recommended these famous trekkings that offers us the possibility of making a circular route through these wonderful places.

All these suggested routes are only small examples of the greatness of this piece of Pyrenees land. In winter and if the condition of snow is good, these routes become routes of amazing beauty for both cross-country skiing and routes with snow shoes.

In addition, the Ulldeter area is famous as an initiation school to mountaineering, and has a number of canals and ice climbing corridors.

We must always bear in mind the weather and snow condition. We must bring the equipment required for each activity and we will avoid problems and unpleasant surprises. Mountain conditions change unexpectedly and a bright and sunny day can change into an awful weather easily. Be careful and enjoy!